László Moholy-Nagy
F.T. Marinetti
David Carson
Paula Scher

Kenya Hara
Ikko Tanaka
René Ricard
Grace Coddington

Malerei, Photographie, Film
László Moholy-Nagy

Thinking with Type
Ellen Lupton

Type Design:
Radical Innovations
& Experimentations

Teal Triggs

The Crystal Goblet
Beatrice Warde

Grid Systems: Principles
of Organizing Type

Kimberly Elam

Typographic Systems
Kimberly Elam

I make imaginative, elegant, typography-based Graphic Design and Branding for print and digital media.

The majority of my work is for Art, Design, Music, Dance, and Fashion. A great deal of my focus is identity and consistency.

I care deeply about words’ connotations, etymology, pronunciation, and how best to represent them in a visual medium. I work to impose onomatopoeia aesthetically rather than aurally.

My Tumblr is Sugarbeet, and you can see my Instagram here.

T | +1. 917. 502. 3925.
E | nora.mckelvey@gmail.com