Tim Roda is a New York City based photographer who is represented by galleries in New York City, Seattle, Berlin, Hamburg and Toronto. He has pieces in a number of permanent collections, including the Essl Collection in Austria and the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. His work has appeared in Art in America, Modern Painters, ArtForum, Matthew Kangas’s Selected Art Reviews, and Dr. Graeme Sullivan’s Inquiry in Visual Arts (2nd Edition), among many others.

Tim’s work is largely narrative, and has been described as sinister, romantic, and alarming, and modern-day Grand Guignol. Each photograph is filled with dramatic tension, and tells a story from “a surreal family world”.

I created an 11″ x 17″ poster for his 2012 solo exhibition, “Family Construction”, in addition to Tim’s original website. Each letter is a work from the exhibit.

Obligatory thanks to Jan Tschichold and Max Miedinger.